I heard dat.

  • AG: When I listen to something I look in that direction.
  • HS: Awww, were you listening to me?
  • AG: No.
"I’m so stupid. I Googled Google."

— AG

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Keepin' it in the family.

  • ER: I was once with a guy who owned a Family Guy jumper.
  • AG: Did he have matching Family Guy thongs?!
  • ER: Yes!
  • AG: Oh my...
  • ER: How did you know about them?!
  • AG: A bogan in my class used to wear a Tigers jersey, AC/DC board shorts and Family Guy thongs.
  • ER: Oh my God. It could have been the same guy! Did he drive a yellow ute?
  • AG: No. An orange one... and it matched his petrol station sunnies.
  • BW: How could you let a guy like that enter you?! Your body is a temple!

It ain't no fun...

  • ER: What's that song again? Balls On Your Chin?
  • AG: It's Nuts On Your Chin!
  • ER: That's right!
"Ummm question. When you get sweaty, does your head get sweaty too?"

— AG

Mirror, Father, Mirror.

  • AG speaking about nothing... then mid sentence...
  • AG: Wait. Wait. No. What am I saying? That's not what I wanted to say.
  • RG laughs.
  • RG: Ouch my head hurts. Ummm I think I just had an aneurysm.

[In a Mexican accent - regarding Old El Paso ads]
In Mexico, we are a really primitive and stupid people but one day a child came up to us and told us something none of us could figure out on our own - ‘Why don’t we use corn chips instead of just grabbing at them inefficiently?’ …

…That was really racist, but I really feel like tacos now


— PC

"The Internet at this place should be called Mr Whippy because it runs slower than an ice cream truck!"

— JK

"How does Tumble work?"

— PC

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"Some people have no arms and you’re over here worrying about SKUs!"

— JK